Sunday, April 10, 2005

I don't want to walk to work.

Damn Toronto Transit Commission, it's two bloody hours! I guess I will just have to think of it as getting ready for swimsuit season!

What I have recently learned: I may not be a good liar to others, but I seem to have been doing a bang on job with myself.

Also don't take threats from Mikevil lightly...sniffle

Friday, April 08, 2005

My name is Pooky, and I am a Catholic

You may Have noticed I have not been around recently. Frankly my friends it has been for my own protection,

I can be queen of the overshare, that said, here is the dealio, I started a new job on Monday, I traded one behemoth for another, I am having a very weird thing with someone who I know is not for me... why I do this is something that could probably only be solved with therapy..sigh..

But to the title.....

I am catholic. Even though much of what it means make me angry. I come from the viewpoint of.. fuck off it was how I was raised and when bad things have happened (friends dying, people being mean ect.) I have, believe it or not, taken solace in the main message of my faith (Mikevil can confirm I don't throw it down the throats off others, or expect those I am involved with to tow the line) it's mine Motherfucker!

Here comes the problem. I love my faith, I'm not to sure about the humans in charge of directing it. JP2 was the most traveled pontiff. He visited Mosques and Temples... my friends this is a major thing! Think of it this way, the head of a different Church went to others and respected them... find that in other religions I dare you.

I could go on and on about issues.... Celibacy...Women...Icky things that involve lawsuits. But I see things as a positive, they are being discussed, What other established religion can you name me that has those issues (they all do) that has been so open to media scrutiny, and seem to be making headway,

I saw a priest on CNN(I know I am so naive) who said it perfectly. Women in the church, condoms, married priests, those will all happen. Survival is a very funny thing. What matters most is that the message not be lost.

I have taken a lot of flack in my life for believing in a higher power, for believing that Someone loves me so much that they let me loose here to find my own way, for Someone who has told me to love those around me and not to judge, unless I was prepared to be judged myself, to turn the other cheek when someone crapped on me, to treat others as how I would be treated.

Not a bad message.

Like anything else in this world, you get out of it what you put in to it.

What I have recently learned: Bitch I have spiritual sense. Don't mess with the Mojo, and by the by, go in peace.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Haven't posted in a while, will write something brilliant tonight!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Maybe it's the Red Hair?

Poor Mikevil how he has managed to be on the receiving end of my neurosis for the last almost six years I don’t know. He sure got an earful this morning. I sometimes think when he moves on to a new job, he will probably tell me he “doesn’t have a phone” at his new desk, so don’t bother calling.

The newest problem is the Ipod of EVIL. I think the internal battery is wonky, it died overnight for no reason, sigh. This will go with the wonky phone I bought (and had replaced) last week. Then there is the computer issue I had over Christmas that sucked up approx 12 hours (really) of Just Mark’s time, which culminated in my purchase if Mik’s Emac, which knock on wood hasn’t shown any signs of wonkiness yet.

Have I mentioned that every time I use my oven the fire alarm goes off?

Maybe it’s me. I called my mother I wasn’t born on a Wednesday, no large dogs followed her, no black cats crossed her path and she didn’t see any sparrows. I don’t think I was born under a bad sign, but somehow it seems when it comes to anything technological I am cursed. Things just seem to not work or if they are wonky it’s in a way that nobody has seen before. Maybe I was meant to be a Luddite.

Have I mentioned that my phone (landline) is very crackly and Bell won’t fix it unless I shell out big bucks.

Enough complaining, if I am cursed so be it, I will trudge forward bravely, be it internal battery problems, the blue screen of death, or anything, darn it!

Anyways I have bigger fish to fry! I am officially declaring project “Sex for Pooky” , having grown increasingly tired of what was a sucky dating life that has now turned into a sucky no dating life, I have decided to reach out to the blogoshpere for help! Do you have any strategies, advice, can you show me how to make neurotic look fetching. The lines are open.

What I learned today: A diet coke at 8 in the morning is sometimes exactly what you need.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Pitching a wobbly in the bog

There is nothing like Farch (Feb-March) to bring a girl’s spirits down. Crying in the company loo was a last emotional straw. Lack of sunlight, hockey and anything resembling a dating life has left me in a not so happy place. I can feel myself closed off from the world and adding big shiny new bricks to the emotional wall I surround myself with.
In order to alleviate some of the inner turmoil, I did, after the crying jag, go downstairs and buy some shoes. They are pointy and pink and fabulous, retail therapy at it’s finest! Then with the shoe band-aid in place I went for a run. I made sure to jump in puddles and stomp on the heads (yes when I run I sometimes run over imaginary people as a stress reliever) of all the asshats who have let me down.
I then take stock of what I do have, great friends, a family I not only love but actually like, a really cool bitch of a pussy, and I am pretty cute and funny, not a bad place to be.

I just wish my seratonin levels would get with the program.

What I learned recently: When you live alone scary movies stay with you long after you have returned them to Blockbuster.

Monday, February 14, 2005


I know that today is just another day quite the other 364 in a given year, that being said, sensitive soul that I am I would just like to share. "Boy am I bummed about being single". Any other day I can handle it fine, way it goes, suck it up Pooky and keep slogging away.

I packed my lunch today (I never pack a lunch) so I could avoid the throngs of men and women carting flowers and chocolates through the metro underground, a very large reminder that baby none of them is for you!

So I have done some research and have found that today February 14th is "Wine Growers Day" albeit in Bulgaria, but I hate details.

So there it is, those who know me, know me loveses the grapeses. So happy Wine Growers Day! And I think I know how I'm going to celebrate!

What I learned this weekend: Giving up wine for Lent was highly unrealistic.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sales pitch

Ok, so here's the pitch.

I'm looking for someone who can appreciate a woman who is a little bit funny haha and a little bit funny hmmm. I am energetic and outgoing and have a really sweet side. I would love for you to possess the very same qualities. At the end of the day I am looking for a partner in crime who wants to get up off the couch and go out to do some of the smart, fun, and sometimes frivolous things our city invites us to try. If your idea of a fun night is staying in playing video games, scroll on by. I am an active participant in life and hate to waste my time (and yours too!).

Everyone has some baggage from their past life, I'm just hoping yours is carry-on and goes somewhat goes with mine. If you have been through a break-up recently, maybe you could use a little more time to yourself before you start dating again. Confidence is one of the sexiest things in the world so I'm keeping my eyes open for a man who knows who he is and is comfortable in whatever skin he inhabits. Things like, ambition, passion, and a general ability to hold your own during a conversation are always nice to see as well.

Please have a picture to share. If you can't show me your face then you have issues I don't want to deal with.

Not all serious but it is a jumping point (thanks Mikevil)

What I have learned recently: Fear is the price you pay for having an imagination.